Ready to order, need extra napkins, and any other service request.


Ready for a refill. “Servers may eliminate wasted trips to the table and wasted refills.”


Ready to receive the check or ready to have the payment picked up.

“The ServiceLight™ is designed for restaurants that want servers to interact with their customers. This is not a paging system, if you need a paging system, contact us for more information and a quote. The ServiceLights are a visual cue to all staff members that indicate each customer’s specific needs. The presence of servers on the floor watching for ServiceLights, lets a customer know this restaurant really cares about providing great service. The ServiceLight allows customers to dine without interruption and guarantee every customer will have service when and how they want it. A ‘Certificate of Excellence’ is provided for the window of all restaurants that provide a ServiceLight for every table.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by this place...yes, the FOOD is not the most creative but the restaurant certainly is.” read more - Alicia S.
Umi Sushi+Tapas Restaurant
“The ServiceLight helps us encourage our staff to use their feet and be available to the customers at all times. Our customers have reacted very positively to the ServiceLight, and our staff are very much on their toes not to get caught leaving a ServiceLight on for too long. I would recommend the ServiceLight to all casual dining restaurants.” - Taki Tanaka
Umi Sushi+Tapas Restaurant
“A nicely appointed restaurant with warm, rich colors and decorative touches, giving the space a nice calming feeling while also arousing the appetite. The coolest thing though was this ServiceLight that was placed on the table, for service, for refills or for the check. I had never seen one of those before.” - A customer review on Yelp
“Best service ever! if you want a great experience, you must come here!” - Customer Review of Formaggio's/Florida
“Since we began using the Servisensor Service Lights™, our restaurant is an unbelievable success. We have had many customers remark that all restaurants should use them. The lights are very popular with our customers and allow us to be more responsive, which translates into better service. Our customers can focus on their conversations or their meals while we keep an eye out for the lights. We believe that the service we provide exceeds that of our competitors, especially due to our use of the Service Lights™.” - Siriporn Schwartzberg. Owner
Golden Buddha Thai Cuisine
New York