Ready to order, need extra napkins, and any other service request.


Ready for a refill. “Servers may eliminate wasted trips to the table and wasted refills.”


Ready to receive the check or ready to have the payment picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How can the ServiceLight™ save my restaurant money?”

On average, a server will visit each table three to five times when they are not needed. By eliminating wasted trips to the table, servers have time to respond to those customers who do need service. Customers appreciate not being interrupted, and the job of the server becomes organized and efficient. This allows them to handle more tables, which increases tips and saves your restaurant money. The number one complaint from customers is that servers are making too many visits to the table. Repeat business will increase as customers realize they can bring clients, family and friends for uninterrupted dining, and yet still have all their needs met by the server.

“Is the ServiceLight™ a pager?”

No, it is not a pager. The ServiceLightâ„¢ was developed specifically for restaurants where servers are on the floor interacting with their customers. In our research, many customers were uncomfortable with paging a server, but found the ServiceLight to be simple, effective and unobtrusive. There is no extra hardware or parts required for the ServiceLight and no board to install on a back wall away from the customers. The beauty of the ServiceLight is that it is visual and specific, allowing all managers and servers to see what each table needs.

“What is involved in the installation process?”

The ServiceLight™ is portable and stackable, with no installation required. It should be delivered to the table with the menu and picked up with the check to be neatly stacked and stored near the menus.

“Do you offer a security device if I want to leave them on the tables?”

Yes, we do. However, our customers have found the portability of the ServiceLight™ to be a real advantage. As long as they are simply picked up with the check at the end of the meal, there is really no need to go to the extra effort and expense of securing them to the tables.

“What are some of the other features of the ServiceLight™?”

Each unit has a five minute sleep cycle and an on/off switch on the bottom to save battery-life. The service light will flash when the batteries (four AA) need to be replaced. For an additional charge, ServiceLights may be programmed to flash after the light has been on for a certain period of time. For busy restaurants, this may be a very helpful feature.

“How do you replace the batteries and how long will they last?”

Battery-life depends on whether or not the ServiceLights™ are turned off each night. If the on/off feature is used every day, the batteries will last much longer. The AA batteries may be replaced by removing the two small discreet screws on the bottom of the unit.

“How do you clean a ServiceLight™?”

The ServiceLight™ may be cleaned in the same manner as the table it sits on. Do not immerse.

“Is there room for our logo on the device?”

Yes. For an additional fee, or with 300 units or more, you may have your logo on one side or both.

“Is the ServiceLightâ„¢ covered by a warranty?”

Yes. Servisensor offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty on all parts and labor with the exception of replacement batteries.