Ready to order, need extra napkins, and any other service request.


Ready for a refill. “Servers may eliminate wasted trips to the table and wasted refills.”


Ready to receive the check or ready to have the payment picked up.


"I was pleasantly surprised by this place...yes, the FOOD is not the most creative but the restaurant certainly is. My husband and I love sushi & use to live down the street from a fish market in Chicago and devour sushi like it's nobody's business. I haven't been to a ton of sushi restaurants in the area, but I'd go back to this one! I love that the plates are color coordinated by price, and you can eat at your leisure. Easy to control how much you want to spend, while trying different kinds of sushi (this place would actually be great for someone wanting to TRY sushi!) Also, I LOVE the little service buttons they have at the table. No more trying to wave down the server for drinks or the bill. Would be curious to go for a happy hour drink sometime...we'll be back!" - Alicia S.
Umi Sushi + Tapas, Middletown, CT
"Since we began using the Servisensor Service Lights, our restaurant is an unbelievable success. We have had many customers remark that all restaurants should use them. The lights are very popular with our customers and allow us to be more responsive, which translates into better service. Our customers can focus on their conversations or their meals while we keep an eye out for the lights. We believe that the service we provide exceeds that of our competitors, especially due to our use of the Service Lights." - Siriporn Schwartzberg. Owner
Golden Buddha Thai Cuisine, New York
"I want to thank you so much! Your ServiceLights give my patrons an excellent way to communicate and we now have much more confidence in our service. We no longer “over-bother” the customer trying to make sure they don't need anything. We here at Formaggios have a great appreciation for the efficiency the Servisensor ServiceLights have created for our restaurant." - Manny Velis, Owner
Formaggios Restaurant, Florida
“Since I saw the ServiceLight™, I have realized how crazy it is that all restaurants don't have this.”- Nancy G.
"Our staff was worried that customers would overwhelm them with requests for service, but it didn't happen. Instead, our servers make fewer visits to the table with no decline in the level of service." - Jeanette Carpenter
Manager, El Dorado Garden Restaurant
"I think it's the wave of the future. Although the ServiceLight improves staff efficiency and allows tables to be turned more quickly, we don't care if customers stay for hours if they're happy. Efficiency is not our goal; a well-attended, pleased diner is what we're after." - George Pineda
Manager of Sweet River Restaurants
"Good service is all about communication, and establishing a relationship between two people who don't know each other. The Servisensor ServiceLight is an enhancement, not a replacement, for personal service. Anything that adds to communication should be welcomed by service staff." - Betsey Fischer
Santa Rosa Junior College Culinary Academy
"The ServiceLight™ is essential to increasing sales, customer service, and expedites table turn over. They work wonderfully for me because they help out a great deal with the flow of the restaurant. At least 80% of our guests actually get really excited about them. They think “they are very fancy”." - Jaime L.
Supervisor, Tivoli Garden Restaurant, El Dorado Hotel and Casino, Reno, Nevada
"We went to Applebee's specifically to use the ServiceLight™. We all enjoyed the experience! We used the white service light to ask for another fork. It was answered promptly. We used the refill light for more coffee - worked like a charm. When we were ready to pay, we used the check light and then again to have the money picked up. The waitress said she likes them too! The only comment I have is that the waitress is so used to checking back over and over as part of her job, that we kiddingly told her that we would give her the signal. We were talking and really didn't like being interrupted with being asked if everything was ok. If it wasn't we would have used the light." - Gayle P.
"Consumers today are being offered emerging technologies that allow them greater opportunities to create the personalized experience they crave. ServiSensor™ does exactly that for anyone going out to eat. The low tech, touch device allows the diners to set the pace for their dining experience by providing the servers with easy to understand signals of guest needs. It virtually eliminates flagging down servers and does away with wait time during the meal. Restaurant managers and servers will see faster table turns that mean additional dollars in their pockets and increased customer loyalty. Everyone wins!" - Walter C.
Former Director, Restaurant Design and Development, Harrah's Entertainment Inc.
"A group of teens got into the booth next to us. One of them asked the others if they had ever used the 'things' (ServiceLights™) before, and then went on to explain it and that it worked by touch - to which exclaims of 'sick' came about (that means cool). I also saw a little boy enjoying the one on their table - which made me smile, because that is what I would have done." - Robert D.
"I feel the ServiceLight™ really improved our service!" - Dawn Z.
"The ServiSensor™ lights made a great improvement. My restaurant is in a casino with stadium seating that overlooks our live racing. Patrons have the opportunity to sit all evening and watch the races and dine whenever they please. The ServiceLights™ allow our patrons to have the privacy and time to place bets and read the racing programs without interruptions from servers. When they are ready, they simply touch the light and the server knows exactly what they need by which light they push. This also allows the server to know that that certain table is ok and can attend to others that would rather dine sooner than later." - Ashley Sigman
Food & Beverage Manager, TS Race Track