Ready to order, need extra napkins, and any other service request.


Ready for a refill. “Servers may eliminate wasted trips to the table and wasted refills.”


Ready to receive the check or ready to have the payment picked up.

Tips For Servers

Every invitation to the table is an opportunity to provide great service.

When handing out the menus, place the ServiceLight on the table with the service icons facing the guest(s) where they can easily be seen by all servers and managers.

Introduce the ServiceLight to your guests by asking them if they are "familiar with your Service Assistant." If the answer is no, you can welcome them to your restaurant. If the answer is yes, be sure to welcome them back!

Invite the guest(s) to look over the menu, and instruct them to let you know when they are ready to order by touching the white service light. (Demonstrate by touching the service light on and then off. It is a touch light, not a button.)

Do not go to the table until the guest indicates that they are ready to order by touching the light.

After taking the order, let the guest(s) know that if they need a refill on their drinks, they should let you know by touching the refill light, and that they can just touch the service light if they need anything else.

If no one is available to answer a light immediately, stop by the table and let the guest(s) know that you or someone else will get to them as soon as possible.

After the food is served, invite the guest(s) to let you know when they are ready for dessert, a refill, or their check by touching the corresponding light.

Every light is an invitation to the table. Use that time to offer appetizers, inquire as to how they are enjoying the food, offer dessert, and ask if they would like the dishes cleared.

Remove the ServiceLight™ from the table with the check and/or payment and stack by the menus.

If the ServiceLight is not working, turn it upside down and check the on/off switch near the alarm label.

  • If the white service light flashes, the batteries (four AA) need to be replaced.
  • Each ServiceLight™ has a five minute sleep cycle to save battery life.
  • Turn the ServiceLights off at night to save battery life.
  • Wash with a damp cloth, do not immerse.