Ready to order, need extra napkins, and any other service request.


Ready for a refill. “Servers may eliminate wasted trips to the table and wasted refills.”


Ready to receive the check or ready to have the payment picked up.

List of benefits

The ServiceLight™ is a portable table-top communication device that allows restaurant customers to simply and easily communicate their needs to their server, giving servers and managers the information they need to provide excellent service, while eliminating wasted and unwelcome trips to the table.

Three attractive touch lights cover all services service, refill and check, required to provide customers with excellent service. ServiceLight™ takes the guesswork out of customer service. Based on the color of the light, servers and managers instantly know what the customer is requesting. A green light allows the server to make one trip to the table to drop off the check, and also indicates when the payment is ready to be picked up. Customers enjoy uninterrupted time to look at the menu when they know they can simply touch the service light when they are ready to order. ServiceLights™ just make sense!

Customers give better tips to servers, and better tips make happier employees. Also, happier customers become repeat customers and bring new customers. Everyone wins!

“Three lights cover all services required to provide your customers with excellent service.”